Auto Frame Repair

Auto Frame Repair

A vehicle that has been involved in a major accident will need auto frame repair. There are several instances when it is necessary to remove the frame of your vehicle to make correct repairs. Removing the frame will allow us to look at the inner workings of your vehicle to identify problems with your car.

While the body of the vehicle can appear to look beat up, the inner workings of your vehicle can take on the most damage. Metal colliding at a high force can push several elements together, causing slight cracks in several parts. Lifting the frame is not a common practice with other car repair shops, but at Beckstrom Body Shop, we practice a thorough examination of your vehicle to ensure you are driving a safe car.

Our Process

Using state-of-the-art technology, our skilled technicians are able to repair frame damage problems and other damage to the engine. We use factory-approved parts and equipment to repair damage to all areas of the vehicle. Our technology uses laser measuring systems to get the unibody or frame back to correct factory requirements. Our trained technicians have the correct training and skills needed to ensure the vehicles we repair are ready to go back on the road and transport you safely to and from your destination.

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