Without an effective working suspension system, your vehicle can run into a number of problems. Alignment issues, uneven tire wear, and handling problems are the most common problems related to the suspension of your vehicle. Unibody or frame damage is difficult for a number of companies to repair, but our team of technician’s at Beckstrom Body Shop has the experience and the technology needed to correctly repair your vehicles suspension system.

Some of the most important points on your vehicle are where the suspension system is bolted together. When a car is involved in a collision, it can push the suspension system away from factory specifications.

Alignment Problems

Is your car pulling to the right or left? Driveability problems are a major concern that need to be addressed as it can cause you to get in an accident. Alignment problems can make a vehicle unsafe to drive, which can cause your car to fail an inspection.

Excessive Tire Wear

Take a look at your tires, do you see uneven or excessive tire wear? If you notice problems in the way your tires are being worn, it indicates suspension problems. With harsh Utah winters, keeping the proper tread on your tires can prevent slipping and slides in the snow, ice, and rain.

Handling Problems

Suspension problems are related to the way your vehicle handles when you drive. In some cases, you may notice your steering wheel pulls out of your hands on a turn or when you drive over a pot hole. Pump steer is a dangerous problem with vehicles and must be repaired properly by trained car technicians.

At Beckstrom Body Shop, we want our customers to be safe on the road! Call us today if you are concerned about suspension problems.


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